What I teach
"It's not about tightening your ass.
It's about getting your head out of it"
- Eric Paskel

What I teach

I love sharing Yoga with the world and teach classes suitable for all levels where we modify postures to fit all bodies and moods. I’m devoted to creating fun and challenging classes that are good not only for our bodies but our minds too. For me the best yoga is experienced when we can feel our bodies in a new light, nothing becomes impossible and we can rediscover our true self through yoga.

Led Ashtanga Vinyasa classes

I teach the basics of Ashtanga yoga where we go through the Primary Series from the beginning. We go through each posture gradually and learn how to get in and out of them safely. We also learn the opening chant, gradually learn the Sanskrit count and how to memorise the sequence. Ashtanga yoga is great if you want to build your own personal practice that you can take with you to practice at home or when you travel.

Flow to the beat

I teach Flow classes with creatively put together sequences and selected music to different themes. In Flow, the most important thing is not the look of your postures but we learn how to move to your breath and feel the flow of how we get in and out of postures. It’s a fun challenging class that is different every time made so you can immerse yourself in the practice, let go and live in the moment.

If you have any injuries you are also welcome to practice, but make sure to let me know before the class so I can modify postures.


Many yoga teachers have inspired me in my journey. Nellie Frimmli in Shanghai, Ashtanga enthusiast for 10 years and a great yogi. I admire her for her clear way of teaching, sense of humour and for being a great friend.

I’m also inspired by Raphael Melo from Brazil, for his deep knowledge of yoga, wisdom, anatomy and Vedic philosophy. Raphael has a unique approach to yoga and amazing stories to share. Rarely we meet those pure people who just shines through from the inside out. If you ever have a chance to take his classes, just do it, you will never look at yoga in the same way after.

Finally, I'm inspired by the French multilingual Nino who has been teaching for many years in Shanghai. I admire how he gets 60 people to be almost as in trans in his demanding Flow classes and move almost to a different dimension. He has also worked very hard and is a master of very advanced arm balances. Many of the most advanced teachers in Shanghai take classes with him. Despite his level, Nino is very humble and ensures all students feel comfortable in order to train safely.

Haffsta 232, Överhörnäs
89493 Örnsköldsvik
+46 700 49 19 74