Everone can do yoga

Do you think you are not flexible/strong/slim/trained enough to do yoga? Get that idea out of your head right away. Yoga is for everyone no matter your experience, shape, mood or favourite colour. With yoga, we work with our own bodies to get the right amount of challenge to suit our individual bodies. Sometimes we get carried away by all mediated image of yoga as it grows and become more popular. The goal of yoga is not to put our foot behind our head or to have a place to wear our Lululemon wear.

The point of yoga is to practice the mind, to reconnect with your true self, discover who you are and be content in life. Some sports can be damaging for our knees, or if we use machines and equipment we can easily strain and overwork ourselves. When we come to practice on our mat, we leave everything behind with no expectations. We practice with what we have, doing our best for that day and working with what we have. Whatever happens, tomorrow is a new day and yoga is also a way to accept things and let go.

Some days we feel strong, some days we feel weak, it’s important to listen to our bodies and ourselves and be grateful for being healthy. It is a physical exercise and it will help you lose weight, get strong and feel great about yourself. It will also help you finding some peace, remember who you are, and what you want out of life.

What I really like about the yoga community is that it’s very inclusive. Children do yoga, pregnant women do yoga, 97-year-old people do yoga, everyone can do yoga. Finally, it’s a great way to find some you time. We all need a bit of time for ourselves, just to step out from our everyday life, reconnect with ourselves and do something that makes us feel good.

So welcome to yoga and let’s have some fun together! :)

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