Jalita Aspelin
Certified Yoga Teacher

“The purpose of life is to live it,
to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear
for newer and richer experience.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi! I'm Jalita, half Swedish and half Thai. I'm a restless soul who seeks new sensations and eclectic cultural exchange around the world. I've lived in Stockholm, Italy, London, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai and speak many languages.

Moving around, yoga makes me feel grounded and at home. My yoga journey grew from dancing. I've danced Argentine Tango for 8 years, travelling as a dance nomad to international Tango Marathons and Festivals. I've also danced Oriental Belly dancing for 5 years and Flamenco for 2 years. Although I love dancing, I felt it was much connected to external factors and I was looking for something more.

In London, I started to have a regular daily practice doing Hot Yoga. At the time, I had a stressful job in Advertising and I discovered the many benefits releasing stress, getting more clarity and learning to let go. I stayed with Hot Yoga in Paris and this was my first "yoga love".

Over time, my practice has grown and I have finally "landed" with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I love the breathing and how it connects to movements. I also like that it's a practice for life where we constantly keep learning. It's not so much about the poses but more of the sensations and how we react to them

In China, I've gone down to route of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga where I have trained with many international teachers. I can see differences in the way Asians and westerners practice and have learnt to take the best from both worlds for a unique approach helping you grow.

When not on my mat, I enjoy taking strolls in the forest, smelling the wet grass, Plumeria flowers in Thailand or listening to the ocean. I love to share yoga and hope to bring some inspiration and space to your practice.

Love & Light, Jalita

Haffsta 232, Överhörnäs
89493 Örnsköldsvik
+46 700 49 19 74